14 Mar 2017

Notice of MFTA Annual General Meeting Wednesday 12th April 2017

Dear MFTA shooters.

It is that time of year when you and your Clubs have the opportunity to make changes in the way that the MFTA committee organise and run shooting activities within the region.

The AGM is the only time that changes can be made to the way that the MFTA operates and I would urge you all to reflect on the past season and ask was it ok; was it bad, what could be changed or improved? If you have any ideas, speak to your fellow Club members and reach a consensus on any changes your Club might wish to propose. It is important to remember that voting at the AGM is one vote per Club. It is not individual shooters votes. Find out who your Club representative is and let them know of any proposals which should then be passed to the me by no later than Wednesday 29th March 2017. These can then be included in the agenda and circulated to all Clubs in readiness for voting on the night. It is most important that your Club is represented at the AGM.

The MFTA committee works very hard and diligently in pursuit of providing good quality shooting events in the region for all to enjoy. Quality can only be maintained if new ideas are brought to the table for consideration and discussion. The same applies to members of the committee.

The AGM is also the time for election of committee members. If anyone wishes to be nominated, please pass your details to me along with roles of interest. Optimistically, there are many amongst you that have a voice and are both passionate and enthusiastic towards our sport and are itching to becoming more involved in the quest for improvement and change. Do not be coy in stepping forwards and volunteering to becoming involved and taking an active role in on the committee.

Fresh faces with new ideas is the way forward.

Please note the date of 29th March 2017 for proposals and any nominations.

Many Thanks.

Paul Mangham

MFTA Secretary

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