23 Mar 2020

MFTA Summer League Udate

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Dear all,

I hope that you are all managing to cope with the current situation.

It is with regret that I am having to send you this letter, but the MFTA have had to take the difficult decision to cancel the MFTA Summer League until further notice.

It is truly devastating for us, especially as at the end of the Winter League there was so much anticipation and enthusiasm for the Summer league, however both I and the Committee feel we really have no choice in our decision, and in the long run, no matter how frustrating it may seem, it is the best decision for our clubs and for us as individuals.

Please remember that your general fitness and mental wellbeing is of great importance. In the MFTA we have an extremely caring community who are there for each other, so if you need help in any way, or just a chat then please get in touch with each other in the sensible way – a text, phone call or a small food parcel can go a long way.

We will do our best to keep you up-to-date on the region’s situation, and inform you of any changes.

Please read the letter available in the link below.

In the meantime I wish you al well and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Kind regards,



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